Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Businesses nowadays effectively configure and use their websites to influence their customers and to enter target markets effectively. Thanks to technology-led innovation processes, web applications have become more important than ever before.

Web applications developed by iKnow Technology can serve both mobile and desktop browsers responsively, depending on the screen resolution they run on.

Web application development is actually an ongoing broad process that depends on and is affected by many sub-parameters such as domain consultancy, high-level strategy creation, planning-based research, design, programming. At the heart of this web-based system is the business logic, which is very important for the company. Considering the customer needs, understanding the critical points of the business line and providing appropriate performance and responsive solutions is one of the factors that makes iKnow Technology different.

With our developer / consultant staff within iKnow Technology, we develop highly powerful, scalable web applications that work as flawlessly as possible. While making these improvements, providing a unique customer experience is one of the most important issues. In this direction, we aim to be able to make timely and quality deliveries in accordance with the best practice approaches in the sector by following all developments and innovations in both technical and project management fields.

In addition, we are able to do the necessary studies and present them to our customers so that the web pages we have developed appear at the top of the search results. Our entire software development philosophy is to ensure the continuity of the service provided at a high standard by regularly sharing the process and the progress made with our customers. In this way, convenience is provided in the stages of upgrading the application if needed in the future.

We can develop projects using the following technologies and frontend libraries.

  • ASP.NET Core
  • Spring
  • Django
  • React.js
  • Angular