Consultancy Services

We determine the best model according to the needs of our customers and offer software development, distribution, testing and maintenance & support services.

You can choose a model according to your short and long term requirements, combine two or more models according to your own needs and customize according to your demand.

We work in iKnow's or customer's office depending on the scope of the services and customer demand.

Time & Material (Efforts)
This model is the costing of resources used over a pre-fixed unit cost as much as they work.

It provides a structure that can be stretched as desired according to the change and modification of the project requirements. It is the most effective and flexible method in projects where the scope, duration and requests are not clear. iKnow reports and invoices you as many services as the units worked at the end of each period. In this way, you do not have to pay the costs of downtime, holidays or all other idle times.

Fixed Cost / Project Based
This model commits a fixed end-to-end fee for the execution and delivery of a project or assignment. This is a low risk option for the client. It is a method suitable for situations where the scope and specifications of the projects are clear. Development processes are continuously monitored and improved to ensure reliability, predictability and optimized performance for on-budget and on-time delivery.

Milestone Based
In this model, the whole project is divided into small parts called milestones. Project progress is made through successfully completed milestones. With each successful milestone delivery, the specified portion of the project cost is invoiced. At the same time, this model helps the client to monitor the progress of projects and reduces the risk associated with the project. Budgeting is done separately for each milestone.

Dedicated Software Development Team or Personnel
In this model, Resources are determined according to the client's needs and allocated to the project. Dedicated teams work full-time exclusively for the client at iKnow or client's offices, act as a virtual team and are trained for the needs specified by the client. All Intellectual Property Rights belong to the customer.

Customers can stretch the team members to be created as they wish during the determination of the team's skill set and development process. Pricing is made on a monthly basis, based on a fixed cost per resource.